Drone Insurance For UK CAA PFCO


A  quick reminder to all future and current UAS/SUSA operators that all applications for UAV Permissions , regardless of weight/class category, must have insurance cover that meets the requirements of EC785/2004 before a Permission is granted.

At AJSSL we make a point to emphasise this requirement in our assessment, under the criteria of CAP 722 Appendix E29- Small Unmanned Aircraft – Remote Pilot Theoretical Knowledge/General Airmanship Syllabus, Subject, Air Law/ Responsibilities.

When applying to the CAA, the responsibility lies with the applicant to ensure that cover provided by insurers meets the requirements of EC785/2004. Please note that the CAA now mandate that you have at least 6 weeks insurance cover at the time of renewal. Don’t get caught out with this one!

If you are unsure, please refer to the referenced documents in the first instance. We are happy to help you with developing your understanding of the technical stuff if we can.