UK CAA Commercial Drone Operators List

Are you engaging the services of a UK commercial drone operator?

Dont forget to check for the basics –

1 – Ask to see a copy of their Permission For Commercial Operation (PFCO). Each of us has a unique ID on our certificate – confirm it is still valid, as these are renewed annually. (See below)

2 – Ask to see the drone operators drone insurance.

If in doubt visit the UK CAA website and search for the operators name on the the UK CAA’s list published on CAP1361. This list is published in a pdf format document which provides all of the operators names that currently hold permissions. It is in operator name order, or you can use a search. Note – Each operator has a unique CAA Identifier e.g. ours is #38

The list is kept up to date by the CAA and can be found here

The published list of UK CAA commercial drone permission owners (CAP1361) is seeing frequent updates and is slowly updating to show the one AUM category of up to 20 kgs.

We have a searchable and sortable version of the latest published CAP 1361 list here.

We have been around commercial drone operations since 2008/9 and since the time that they have been published, we have been maintaining a watchful eye on the ebb and flow of operators on to the CAA’s list.

At AJSSL we are always happy to provide independent advice and guidance to drone service users and operators to support and promote safe and legal drone operation. We have a webchat facility that you are welcome to use for general queries.

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