UK CAA – Drone Related Price Increases

ORS5 No. 336 – Dated 16 March 2018 – New Scheme Of Charges Effective From 1 April 2018

Under Official Record Series 5, No. 336  (ORS5 No. 336) dated 16 March 2018 the CAA published its – CAA Scheme of Charges (General Aviation) – Which provides the General Aviation Scheme of Charges that is effective from 1 April 2018.

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The Official Record Series 5, No. 336 key elements applicable to Drone operation are extracted below:

Extract Of Key Drone Related Items

3.11 Unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) – operational authorisations Subject to the notes to table 5, on making an initial or renewal application for a permission under Article 94/95 or an exemption under Article 266 of the Order to conduct operations involving unmanned aircraft systems and SUA, a special UAS project or for the issue of a duplicate permission/exemption, the applicant shall pay to the CAA the relevant charge or charges specified in Table 6:

On making a variation application for an Article 94/95 permission or an Article 266 exemption, the applicant shall pay to the CAA the charge specified in Table 7:

3.12 UK National Qualified Entities (NQE) in relation to small unmanned aircraft 3.12.1 On making an application for the initial or renewed appointment, or variation of the appointment of a UK NQE to undertake pilot competency assessments of operators of small unmanned aircraft having a mass of not more than 20 kgs (excluding fuel), the applicant shall pay to the CAA the charge appropriate to the UK NQE category required as shown in Table 8:

These extracts are provided as a summary for readers. The original CAA document should be read to understand the information in context. Link below:

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