Commercial drone operators – please be aware of changes to the information regarding the process to obtain a Permission For Commercial Operation (PFCO). There is also information for commercial drone operators to ensure that their application is CAA compliant.

The headlines:

– New Standard PFCO online process.
– Changes to the process for standard permission with non standard / exemption privileges.
– Introduction of rejection and on hold rules for Standard Permission applications.

The outline/extracts of the CAA webpage information:

From 18 April 2018 we are introducing a new application process for obtaining a standard permission for Commercial Operations (PfCO) for SUA / SUSA. Applicants will be required to provide all documents and payment online (credit /debit card only ) before submitting their application.

The previous application form SRG1320 will be accepted for non-standard /exemption applications only, for example:

– extended visual line of sight (EVLOS),
– beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS),
– reduced distances

Current PfCOs which incorporate standard permission and non standard / exemption privileges in one document will therefore be required to be applied for separately and will not be renewed as a combined permission / exemption.

How to ensure that your application has all the information we need

From 18 April 2018 the new application process will introduce rejection rules for incorrect application submissions. Should an application be rejected the applicant will be notified and will be required to make a fresh application submission.

This section provides guidance for submissions and rejection under 3 headings:

– Insurance
– Ops manual
– NQE or equivalent

The information then explains the application processes under the following headings:

How to apply

Applications for a standard permission (PfCO)
Applications for a non standard / exemption

If you are a UK drone operator / pilot then we would recommend reading the full text at – UK CAA PFCO Approvals

Our Support Is Also Available:

The information is available on the CAA website, their policy documents and their enquiry service; but if you need additional assistance then please ask us!

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